bnelsonBrian Nelson –

Brian Nelson is the founder of MSB Talk, Bond Manager at Alpha Surety Brokerage and a Director at the National Money Transmitters Association.  He concentrates on providing MSB’s with a comprehensive surety bond program that includes unbeatable pricing, capacity for growth and online bond management.  Brian also provides solutions for state licensing and regulatory compliance as well as finance advising to raise capital for business expansion.

Brian spent 2 years living in the Dominican Republic and speaks enough Spanish to get himself in trouble.

Alpha Surety Brokerage is a nationally licensed bond brokerage and long time service provider to the MSB industry.  Alpha Surety has participated in multiple industry conferences and is an active member of the NMTA and MTRA.

JayJay Postma –

Jay Postma, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), has over 25 years experience in the Banking, Financial Services, and Software Development industries.  He has worked as a management employee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, MCI Telecommunications, Flag Bank and RBC Centura.  He has also worked as an entrepreneur, co-founding and developing Towne Services Inc. and El Banco Financial Corporation (now Banuestra Financial Corporation).  Jay has most recently established MSB Compliance, Inc, a publishing and consulting company providing Bank Secrecy Act compliance information and guidance to money services businesses through the web portal

MSB Compliance, Inc. is dedicated to helping money services businesses (MSBs) meet their Bank Secrecy Act compliance obligations, protect their communities, and maintain their vital banking relationships through effective Bank Secrecy Act Anti-Money Laundering programs, guidance and best practices.  The company provides direct consulting services to MSBs and to Banks and also develops and sells written BSA compliance materials.

AllanAllan Ramlall –

Allan is the Director of Global Outreach with the National Money Transmitter Association (NMTA).